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Banff, Alberta, Canada has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world to ice fish!  Whether you are traveling with your family or up by yourself for a conference, whether you are an experienced fisherman or a first timer, why not give ice fishing a try while surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Want a truly Canadian experience while you visit?  Ice fishing in a hut or out in the open enjoying the fresh air and scenery around Banff and Calgary is a great way to experience the culture and traditions of Canada.

When winter comes, the best thing to do until the next season of floating rivers and relaxing on lakes is to don the ski-doo suit, grab the auger and  ice hut, and go ice fishing.  Ice fishing has a long history throughout the world, and is an enjoyable way to spend the winter months and put some food on the table and in the smoker. 

One of ice fishing's allures is to actually see the fish come up and take your hook.  When you are in an ice fishing tent, you are able to see down into the water - as deep as 50 feet in some of the lakes we fish around Banff - spot cruising fish, and actually see them take your lure!  Your heart gets pumping long before they take the bait!    It's fun to see them bump your hook a couple of times and then come and hammer it!  It teaches you a lot about presentation to aid you in your summer fishing.  Many people like ice fishing so much they actually have given up fishing in the summer!

The professional guides at Ice Fishing Alberta have trips focused around a relaxing day of fishing, and trips built around the newest techniques in ice fishing involving constantly moving and searching for fish.  We have contour maps for all of our lakes, and use sonar to help locate those really deep Lake Trout.  We also have Aqua-Vu underwater video cameras for your viewing pleasure.  On cold days we have Heaters to warm the tent and keep you and your family warm and cozy!

Our guided Ice Fishing Trips run in Alberta, Canada and are in close proximity to Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis Country, Calgary, and Red Deer.

We guarantee fish on the ice or your next trip is half price!

Whether its Lake trout in the Rocky Mountains, aggressive Bull trout, voracious Northern Pike, strong Walleye, exotic looking Arctic Grayling, colorful Rainbow trout, lots of Perch, or good numbers of Whitefish; Ice Fishing Alberta has an ice fishing trip for you.

Come Fishing with Us

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